Hi.  I am Cheryl Alexander

I am so happy to meet you!

I’m a transformational career coach, mother, intrepid traveler, lifelong learner, dreamer, sailor, coffee-lover and rock music enthusiast. I am a curious explorer who is committed to enjoying my one wild and precious life.

My mission is to inspire and support women to find joy and meaning in their work. In doing so, joy and meaning expands into other parts of their life to positively change them, the people around them and ultimately, the world!

I do this by taking my clients on a journey to realize their dreams and true potential by:

  • understanding themselves and what they really want,
  • challenging limiting thoughts and assumptions,
  • creating a plan for success with small steps and
  • flexibility to artfully navigate change.

I am on this mission because life is too to short spend most of your waking hours doing work that is not fun or fulfilling.

I have over 15 years of experience as a global HR leader, where I coached hundreds top executives how to navigate their careers. I have created programs and environments for organizations around the world to help thousands of people grow and thrive at work.

When I was growing up, no one in my parent’s generation really seemed to like the work they did. It was like they put off working joyfully until the promised utopia of retirement. That kind of thinking was common as a belief downloaded to their brains by the culture to reward company loyalty (and often misery) with a pension at retirement. I knew I never wanted to live with that attitude during the anticipated 45 years I might have in the workforce.

Even though the golden handcuffs of pensions largely disappeared for my generation, I was still not immune to feeling stuck on my job. Early in my career, I didn’t really know myself. Instead of doing work that really interested me, I settled for jobs that other people thought would be a good fit. I ended up feeling miserable in exchange for keeping my family fed.

IMG_1839 2

When I finally figured out that I wanted to work in HR for a big company, I felt that magic spark of alignment inside and the supercharged motivation to do whatever it took to achieve it. My career grew and shifted a bit over time. I got pretty good at flowing through the next promotion, job change, layoff, company change, educational opportunity and career sabbatical (I’ve taken 4). I infused my life with other interests beyond my day-job; I was a music journalist for four years, got hardcore into hot yoga and skiing, learned Spanish, developed my photography skills, completed a triathlon, went back to school and used my vacation time for exotic travels with my two daughters.

In the middle of a successful HR career in the corporate world, I felt painfully unfulfilled by the work I was doing.  I had long outgrown the job. I didn’t feel like I could express my true self in my work. Days in endless meetings and emails didn’t light my fire.  On the outside, my life looked pretty amazing; my job allowed me to travel around the world and paid me well. I was being offered a big promotion while also being courted by other companies for high-profile jobs. I felt like I should be grateful. Yet, on the inside, the work I was doing felt heavy and wrong for me. I knew there was something else I should be doing, but I didn’t know what it was. I felt confused, frustrated and restless… and a new yoga class wasn’t going to fix it. My intuition told me to stop working and go exploring. So I did. Literally.

I made the bold decision to quit my job, sell everything I owned and embark on a year-long solo road trip around North America in my car. My younger self reminded me that I wasn’t going to wait around until some ‘retirement age’ in the future to enjoy my life.  I was responsible for what was next. I didn’t cave to the opinions of others who said I was crazy to give up a ‘great’ job that didn’t light me up. With my children already grown and pursuing their own careers, I decided to face my fears of leaving ‘stability’ and embraced uncertainty to follow my curiosities.


During and after that trip, I learned so much about myself, what is most important to me and how I can do the work I love going forward in a new way. It took lots of introspection, writing, friends, family, working with coaches and further developing my own inner wisdom and confidence to find clarity.

It has always been my purpose to help people do what they love.  But, I changed and what I wanted to bring to the world changed.

I already had powerful tools that helped me and so many others navigate career changes and life. I developed new practices around the key mindset shifts that need to take place to make our deepest dreams a reality.  I gave up the hustle and grind approach to make changes in a way that was flexible, manageable and sustainable. I was clear that I wanted more flexibility in how I worked, who I worked with, when and where I worked. I wanted to continue to make an impact, focusing only on the work that lit me up; to help women achieve their own version of success.

I started my own career coaching practice, Mångata Partners.  I was inspired by the Swedish word Mångata, which translates to 'the road-like reflection of the moon on the water'.  I feel a strong connection with the moon and how we each can illuminate our own path to joy in life through the work we do.  Women face different challenges in the workplace than men. I am committed to helping smart women find work they love and navigate their own unique path in a way not confined to corporate programs and career ladders.  I get so energized by helping women create the change they desire and watch them celebrate their successes.

My Training and Experience:

  • B.S. in Business Administration
  • Certified Global Professional in Human Resources
  • Martha Beck trained Life Coach
  • Certified Professional Life Coach: Wainwright Global Institute of Professional Coaching
  • 15 years global HR leadership and coaching experience Starbucks Coffee Company and other organizations
  • DISC behavioral work styles trained
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator experienced
  • StrengthsFinder experienced
  • Servant Leadership experienced
  • Situational Leadership trained


  • MBTI: INFJ “Advocate”
  • DiSC: Strong D, Strong I, Medium C, Low S
  • StrengthsFinder: Connectedness, Positivity, Input, Activator, Individualization
  • Enneagram: Type 1 “Reformer”

You don’t have to make the costly mistakes I and others have made by:

The women I work with are motivated to make a change, are heart-centered and know they are here to realize their dreams and full potential.

If the idea of working with me to move your career forward with ease feels right, lets do this!  Learn about coaching with me.