16. How to Move Through Change by Building Resilience

Have you ever had a challenging experience and had a hard time recovering from it?  Do you find yourself resisting change at work? What makes some people melt into inaction while other people seem to thrive after a set-back? 

My clients who are going through career changes experience resistance at times because the change they are trying to create may feel overwhelming. To ease the stress, anxiety and overwhelm, we work on building resilience.

Resilience will help you better adapt to change and setbacks along your career journey to help you get what you want.  Learn about 4 practical ways you can build resilience, move through change and create the career and life you desire

This episode is for you if you:

  • Feel anxious about making changes at work or other parts of your life.
  • Are having a tough time bouncing back from a career set-back.
  • Want to make changes in your life and want build skills to move forward.

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