Create a Career You Love

Are you a smart woman who is feeling stuck her her job?

You are in the right place if you:

  • are feeling unfulfilled in  your job.
  • are looking to make a change in your career but aren’t sure what steps to take.
  • are feeling overwhelmed and anxious and need balance.
  • know what is next in your career but are afraid to take the leap.

Imagine if you could:

  • feel that spark when you do work that brings joy and meaning.
  • feel grounded knowing who you are is aligned with what you do.
  • enjoy working in a way that provides balance and flexibility.
  • define your path forward in managable steps with clarity and confidence.

Stop the Sunday scaries by finding work that gives you more abundance, freedom, growth and joy.


Hi. I’m Cheryl Alexander.

I’m a transformational career coach. My purpose is to inspire and support smart, motivated and successful women to create careers they love.

I, too, have had jobs that left me feeling stuck and drained.  With over 15 years of coaching and team development experience, I have helped myself and many others go from job frustration to career elation.

There is no strategy in the world that is better than the one that exists within you.  I will help you uncover it.